Flat Free Technology

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So, what makes these so great? What were the earlier attempts at, and why can’t they compete with Amerityre� flatfree tires? Do Amerityre tires outperform standard tires with tubes?! Technology has finally eliminated just about all of the past problems and replaced them with a product far superior to anything ever before seen in the bicycle tire, lawn & garden tire, and industrial tire industries. Try it now: book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung mybet.

There have been flatfree tires of some sort or another since the early 1920’s. The idea of is a good one. The only problem is that nobody has been able to perfect them. They have come in a variety of mediums from solid rubber to an open cell foam similar to what you might find in a Nerf football only a little firmer.

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Some Benefits

No more blowouts…no more getting stranded!
For added safety, Amerityre flatfree bicycle tires are also available in Safe-T-Yellow visible up to 200 feet with low beams and 300 feet with high beams.
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Ozone resistance test…Amerityre passes and rubber tires fail! Amerityre completed the six day exposure test with no negative effects while all the rubber tires tested cracked within a few hours.
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Closed Cell

There have been attempts to create flat free tires of some sort or another since the early 1920’s. Flat free tires have come in a variety of mediums from solid rubber to an “open-cell” foam similar to what you find in Nerf� football.
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Rubber VS Poly

RUBBER is one of the oldest forms of plastic. Rubber was discovered in the form of sap from the Hevea Tree. This milky white substance could have fallen from a cut or tear in the tree. Upon falling into a fire or on a stick that was placed into the fire, the rubber was vulcanized or better known as cooked or fused.
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Amerityre has received a patent relating to its “Run Flat Tire” technology which we believe to be significant because most of the tire industry is trying to establish a run flat system that will carry the load well beyond the 50 miles currently targeted by the industry.
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